Hi, I’m Sharon.

My sessions are best described as Integrative Bodywork Sessions, drawing from different modalities including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu,  Myofascial and reflexology. Depending upon your goals and the needs of your body, sessions can be geared towards relaxation based or therapeutic results.

I will use a wide range of techniques to help you reach your bodywork needs.  I may utilize cross fiber and friction techniques to reduce adhesions and improve scar tissue, assisted stretching to increase range of motion, or Myofascial Release techniques to effect the fascial membranes throughout the body.

I am committed to helping my clients reach their unique goals and also empowering them with tools and techniques for self-care at home. In addition to being a certified massage practitioner, I am also a Certified Yoga Instructor, and I love to share beneficial yoga stretches with my clients to support and further progress the work that is accomplished on the massage table.

 I look forward to helping you achieve the freedom and openness that your body deserves!
In Good Health,


Certified Massage Practitioner

TMJ Intraoral Massage Practitioner

Certified Yoga Instructor


Please text / call (510) 992-3535 or email sharon@eastbaymassagetherapy.com with preferred times, and I will reply as soon as possible.  Responses are usually prompt, though I am unable to reply when in session, so they can take up to 2 hours.