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East Bay Massage Therapy

therapeutic Bodywork

East Bay Massage Therapy is a small collective of highly skilled massage therapists who provide Integrative Bodywork Sessions, drawing from different modalities including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu, TMJ Intraoral Massage,   Myofascial and Reflexology. Depending upon your goals and the needs of your body, sessions can be geared towards relaxation based or therapeutic results.

Our philosophy embraces massage as a regular part of a healthy lifestyle. We focus on delivering effective sessions and educating out clients with self-care techniques that can be used at home to maximize benefits.  Our stressful lifestyle often leads to physical, mental, and emotional disorders. Western medicine, although essential, focuses on intervention rather than prevention. Whether you are looking some serious bodywork, or just a relaxing time to unwind, we can personalize every massage to meet your needs.